Armor Safe Technologies, LLC

Armor Safe Technologies, LLC


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Founded in 1976, Armor Safe Technologies has provided innovative cash management solutions for generations.

Armor Safe Technologies specializes in the development, deployment and servicing of the industry's most innovative cash-management systems. Our safes validate, count and secure cash in cassettes ready for delivery to your bank, establishing an effective closed-loop solution for many of your toughest challenges: loss prevention, employee accountability and financial transparency.

We customize our safes to meet your needs and create a cash management solution that cost-effectively protects your assets. As the industry leader in innovation, we are constantly developing and delivering new technologies to ensure that together we'll overcome your current and future cash management challenges.

Much more than a safe, our products reduce labor costs, generate detailed reports and provide seamless accounting from the cash register to the bank with the utmost security every step of the way. That's the power of smart technology.

We significantly improve your operational efficiency by integrating seamlessly into your business. You'll save time and money, and your investment will begin paying for itself on day one because fewer people will be handling your cash.

With Armor Safe Technologies working hard for your money, you can spend more time on what matter's most—serving your customers, developing your people, and growing your business – big jobs made easier with the improved productivity, accountability and transparency an Armor safe will provide.


Armor Safes on Assembly Line
Some of the many smart safes by Armor Safe

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