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There’s a revolution happening in nail care. And you’re invited to join. Just walk into a Frenchies Modern Nail Care studio and you’ll know you’re in for something that’s beyond your typical mani-pedi experience.

For starters, Frenchies doesn’t look, smell or feel like a typical nail salon. Our studios are light, open and airy (speaking of air, ours is especially fresh—no acrylics = no nasty chemical smells). We’re super clean. Inviting. And fun in that “I-love-hanging-out-with-these people” kind of way.

Every Frenchies team member is friendly and knowledgeable. Chat us up and we’ll share our healthy nail-care smarts while we get to know you, so we can deliver your most enjoyable nailcare experience ever. Sound too good to be affordable? No worries. Frenchies is posh without the price. Make Frenchies your nail studio and join the revolution today!

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Posh without the Price
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